Experts aren’t hired to take on the simple tasks. They’re brought in to apply their knowledge, wisdom and experience to solve the tough jobs. HEC’s technical knowledge and capabilities coupled with our extensive manufacturing capacity insure that we are able to provide solutions, whether simple or complex.

Working with us

Heumann Environmental’s broad experience in providing equipment solutions in air pollution control, waste water treatment, and product recovery combined with our commitment to providing quality manufacturing of those products allows us to help you whether you need a simple part from our machine or fabrication shops, a complete solution to a complicated process application, or something between. We love the complex challenges that others shy away from but are committed to providing cost effective solutions to the most basic machining and fabrication needs you may have.

  • We design and build custom-engineered air pollution control and dust collection equipment. HEC is a world leader in providing high efficiency cyclones, scrubbers and severe duty filters for emission control, product recovery and nuisance dust and fume collection. Our proprietary technologies allow us to guarantee the performance of our equipment in the most critical and severe environments. Whether the challenge is meeting a stringent emission standard, recovery of a valuable product, meeting the requirements of high temperature, erosion, corrosion, explosion hazards, etc. we have the experience and technology to help you.
  • We design and build standard and custom-engineered railing, stairs, ladders, platforms, vessels and other fabrications for our municipal and industrial clients. Our standard product lines offer economy while our ability to adapt, engineer, and customize provide the flexibility needed in the real world.
  • We engineer solutions. Our engineers and designers listen to your needs and provide options, answers and solutions.
  • We manufacture metal parts and vessels. Whether aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, or alloys. Cut or machined simple parts, fabricated vessels or structure, or machine assemblies comprising all of the above, our state of the art machine and fabrication shops in Jeffersonville, IN in conjunction with our pre-approved network of subcontractors from around the world allow us to provide economical sourcing of HEC equipment as well as contract fabricated vessels and parts as needed by our clients anywhere in the world.

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