HEC High-Efficiency Cyclones

Simple to build, hard to engineer

High-Efficiency Cyclones are some the simplest of separation devices to build but it is very difficult to know what to build. Our experience and knowledge provides the foundation for us to engineer and then build the high-efficiency cyclone that is right for your application.

Accurate and guaranteed performance predictions

Knowing what high-efficiency cyclone to build means that we can analyze your application properly. Then, we apply our unparalleled ability to accurately predict the performance of the high-efficiency cyclones we select. Our empirically based model combines our independent research and testing with over 80 years of published material using modern mathematical and statistical tools to provide the most accurate performance predictions over the broadest range of high-efficiency cyclone designs.


Virtually all high-efficiency cyclones are built one at a time. Why pay for custom “one off” manufacturing but not get the high-efficiency cyclone model and construction that is right for you? We provide the knowledge and experience to ensure that the high-efficiency cyclone selected is the perfect fit for your process application.

HEUMANN is perfect for your next project.

We bring a broad range of technical knowledge and abilities and apply them to our designing and fabrication. This ensures that our products are durable, properly produced to meet or exceed your expectations.