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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (September 23, 2013) – Heumann Environmental, a Louisville company that engineers and installs specialized equipment to help industries control air pollution and optimize processes, has been selected to provide scrubber technology for granulated fertilizer plants under construction in Iowa and Louisiana.

The $6 million contract was awarded by Kimre, Inc., a Miami company that engineers and manufactures a patented mesh technology for process fluid separation and air pollution control. The work will take place over the next 10 months for urea granulated fertilizer plants in Port Neal, Iowa, and Donaldsonville, La. HEC will engineer, design and build the scrubber housings containing Kimre’s media.

Bill Heumann, the CEO of Heumann Environmental, said: “We are delighted to apply our skills and resources on behalf of Kimre. This is an example of what was envisioned last year when we partnered more closely with Kimre to focus on scrubber installations within the fertilizer industry.”

“We know HEC’s expertise and its leadership very well,” said Kimre President Mary Keenan,
“and we’re thrilled to bring in Bill’s team on these projects.”

Granular, or dry, fertilizer is used in a variety of farming and gardening applications, and over the past year, worldwide fertilizer demand has increased dramatically. The U.S. has been the focus for constructing new fertilizer production plants to take advantage of lower natural gas fuel costs and the wide availability of raw materials.

HEC supplies pollution control and process separation technologies to companies within variety of sectors, including the fertilizer, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, ethanol, petroleum, forest products and utility industries.

About Heumann Environmental

Based in Louisville, HEC provides engineering consulting services and specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing industrial particulate separation equipment known as high-efficiency cyclones. Cyclones separate microscopic particles from gas streams and are used to improve the performance of dust collection, pollution control, ventilation, and product recovery systems. The company complements the use of cyclones with an array of scrubber and filter technology. HEC is a division of Andrew Elliot Group, a private equity holding company.

For more information about HEC, visit www.heumannenviro.com or call 502.742.9677.

About Kimre, Inc.

Based in Miami, Kimre offers a range of products, all based on its unique media that effectively removes solid and liquid particles below one micron while draining large volumes of liquid. Founded in 1973, Kimre, Inc. began offering air pollution control products to the chemical processing industry in order to improve the performance of existing, outdated technology. Kimre serves customers worldwide through innovative, cost effective solutions in diverse applications in air pollution control, gas cleaning functions, and liquid cleaning functions. Kimre has sales and manufacturing facilities in Florida. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.kimre.com.

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Bill Heumann, CEO, Heumann Environmental, [email protected], 502.742.9677.
Mary Keenan, President, Kimre, Inc., [email protected], (305) 233-4249.

Media contact: Terry McWilliams, Mozaic Corporate Communications, [email protected], 502.410.2113.

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