High-Efficiency Cyclone Features

Items Description Benefits Caveats
Involute Inlet The outside edge of the inlet duct is positioned outside of the cyclone radius and is tapered into the body over some rotation
  1. Useful for making compact high capacity designs.
  2. Reduce erosion when there is high particulate loading
  3. Method of providing increased collection efficiency when increasing inlet or outlet velocity are not desirable
  1. More expensive and difficult to fabricate
  2. Increases pressure drop
  3. Less robust design if nozzle loadings are significant
  4. Can increase cone erosion if the particulate is abrasive
Tangential Inlet The outside edge of the inlet duct is tangent with the cyclone body
  1. Low pressure drop
  2. Suitable for the lowest possible inlet velocities
  3. Most robust and versatile mechanical design
  4. Lowest cost
  1. May require a greater cyclone diameter and/or height for high capacity cyclones to prevent erosion on the outside of the cyclone outlet pipe with abrasive particulate and high particle loadings
  2. Higher inlet velocity (and subsequent body erosion if the particulate is abrasive) may be required to achieve the same collection efficiency as the involute design
  3. Larger diameter cyclone may be required
Axial Inlet Flow is introduced axially at the top of the cyclone. The radial flow is generated by the use of vanes
  1. Can be arranged in a common plenum as in multi clones
  2. Lend themselves to economical mass production
  1. Lower collection efficiency
  2. Wear on vanes can adversely effect collection efficiency and reduce pressure drop
Helical The roof of the inlet and cyclone spirals downward
  1. May prevent solids build up on roof surfaces if the material is sticky
  1. Expensive
  2. Lower Efficiency
Items Description Benefits Caveats
Cylindrical The outlet pipe is a cylinder
  1. Most economical
  2. Smaller outlet diameter reduces outlet duct cost
  1. Higher pressure drop
Conical The outlet pipe is a conical expansion taking advantage of some pressure recovery
  1. Low pressure drop
  1. More expensive
  2. May result in a larger diameter than the ductwork it is to connect to
  3. Is only effective in high residence time cyclones

Cylindrical Outlet Pipe

Conical Outlet Pipe

Items Description Benefits Caveats
Single A single cyclone to handle the entire process flow
  1. Least expensive
  2. Easiest most elegant installation
  1. May not provide high enough efficiency
  2. May be too tall
Parallel The gas flow is divided between two or more identical cyclones
  1. Higher efficiency
  2. Lower height
  3. Lower pressure drop than series arrangement
  1. More expensive than single cyclone
  2. Inlet and outlet ductwork is critical to performance and must be designed properly
  3. May require multiple solids discharge points and/or great care in isolating the cyclone discharges to prevent cross flow between cyclones
Series The process flow passes through two or more stages of cyclones
  1. Higher efficiency
  1. Higher pressure drop than single or series arrangements
  2. More expensive than single arrangement
  3. Solids discharges must be isolated completely

Parallel Cyclones

Series Cyclones

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