High-Efficiency Cyclone Model and Sizing

Heumann Environmental Company High-Efficiency Cyclones are custom tailored for you application. With modern design and manufacturing technology, there is no reason to pay more for the right cyclone, or worse yet, get the wrong high-efficiency cyclone for the job. Optimizing a high-efficiency cyclone for any process is our specialty and our engineers are unmatched at getting it right the first time.

Cyclone Models and Sizing


  • HE-190-20.534-I

High-Efficiency Cyclone Model:

190- The high-efficiency cyclone has 19.0 Ft/S specific axial velocity at 400 ft. gas column pressure drop. The smaller the number, the greater the residence time and the greater the efficiency for a given set of conditions. The larger the model number, the shorter the residence time and the greater capacity the high-efficiency cyclone has for a given body diameter.

High-Efficiency Cyclone Size:

20.534- This cyclone has a nominal gas flow rate of 20,534 ACFM at 60 Ft/S inlet velocity

Inlet Style:

  • I- Involute
  • T- Tangential
  • P- Partial Involute