Particulate Scrubber Series

Impactor Series

Utilizing inertial impaction, the Impactor Series of HEC Scrubbers include our fixed and adjustable inlet venturi scrubbers and cyclonic separators.


HPS-Size- Style-Tank

Size- Primary separator diameter in inches x 10 (e.g. 72” i.d.- Size 720)

Style- FV = fixed venturi/throat , AV = adjustable venturi

Tank- E= external or none, I= integral recycle tank

Available Features:

  1. Blind Injection: Problems often occur in scrubbers at the point at which the particle laden gas stream comes in contact with wet surfaces. This is called the wet/dry zone. In this area, solids may build up because they are damp and sticky but there is not enough liquid flow to wash them away. HEC’s “blind injection” virtually eliminate the wet/dry zone and prevent solids build up.
  2. Injection Tubes: Water may be introduced into a scrubber in a number of ways. Conventional spray nozzles typically provide the easiest and least expensive method of liquid distribution but often result maintenance problems due to nozzle plugging and erosion. Utilizing HEC’s unique understanding of how droplets are generated our engineers are able to provide low pressure liquid injection utilizing simple injection tubes (or pipe) without any loss in collection efficiency. By utilizing low pressure injection tubes we achieve the following benefits:
    • Reduced pump pressure which means lower pump cost, less pump horsepower, and more reliable pump operation
    • No nozzles to plug or erode away. One of the most common causes of a loss of collection efficiency in scrubbers is poor liquid distribution to the contactor as a result of nozzle pluggage or nozzle erosion. HEC eliminates this problem with its injection tube option.
    • Higher solids recirculation means lower bleed rates and reduced operating costs. By using low pressure, large diameter injection tubes, we can run our liquid recirculation systems at higher solids concentrations than our competitors. This means more concentrated and less liquid volume for secondary waste treatment.
  3. Enhanced Cyclonic Separator design: HEC cyclonic separators provide the lowest liquid carry over, often exceeding 99.99% droplet removal.

Interceptor Series

Utilizing interception, HEC’s Interceptor Series cross flow scrubbers provide superior collection of soluble particulate at low power consumption with one or more stages of Kimre® media arranged perpendicular to the gas flow.