Water Jet Cutting

Heumann Environmental Company (HEC) incorporates the latest in waterjet technology to cut the materials in a cost-effective and expedient manner. The benefits of cutting with the waterjet technology are:

  • High tolerance cutting (as close as .005”)
  • Kerf compensation
  • No heat affected zones or discoloration.
  • Thicker cutting range (up to 6”)
  • No slag or heavy burrs
  • Cuts any type of material (rubber, glass, metals, plastics, etc.)
  • Cost effective method of cutting
  • Removes or reduces secondary machining operations

Our 72”x144” cutting envelope allows a wider range of cutting surface that many of our competitors do not have. Our personnel have decades of years of experience operating waterjet tables, thus assuring you that the product that you will receive has the most experienced operators in the area.